A legacy of good taste

For over 130 years and counting, The Historic McFarland House has been a cornerstone of taste, tradition and civic pride in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Built by Alexander B. Parks in 1878, the home’s elegant legacy lives on in the food and festivity created within our venue today. Parks, a developer and municipal leader, was also an entrepreneur with a passion for fresh produce. As president of the National Fruit Company (better known today as White House®) and later as a West Virginia state senator, Parks was guided by a commitment to local food and farm-fresh ingredients. Parks’ devotion to native foods is alive and well in our kitchen today. Nearly all of the foods prepared for the weddings, conferences and events hosted here are sourced within 50 miles of Martinsburg.

Great food and friends


While Parks sold the property before the turn of the century, subsequent owners preserved the home’s beauty, but evolved its purpose with the times. In keeping with the 20th century’s entrepreneurial spirit, William and Jane McFarland operated catering businesses from the home. A Jack and Jill of many trades, the pair ran a sweet shop off Burke Street for a number of years and infused culinary creativity and a spirit of warmth into the home throughout their ownership. In 1967 and 1968, the home was a highly anticipated stop along the Annual House and Garden Tours, sponsored by the Shenandoah-Potomac Garden Council of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. Far from past its prime, the McFarland House was a site for social celebrations throughout the century—and remains so today.

Past. Present. Perfect.


Since purchasing the home in 2007, Michael McCarty and Donna Cobean have taken its history full circle. They honor Parks’ commitment to local ingredients in the food and atmosphere they cultivate at the house today. In 2011, The Historic McFarland House was featured in the 56th Annual House and Garden Tours, just as it was in the 1960s. Taking cues from the past and present, the couple curates the perfect setting to celebrate precious moments, large and small.